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Pass me those blood pressure pills, I can’t keep up this hectic pace.

Much of what I enjoy is the result of someone else’s hard work and sacrifice. Eastbay Campground is one of many examples. I drive over and enjoy a sweet night’s stay in a cabin complete with “dish” and wake up to fresh coffee. Launch my boat and head out to where Eastbay’s owner Bill suggests I drop a line. Have the time of my life and drive home with a memory and a smile.

That smile is the result of Bill and Val’s hard work and sacrifice. Turning a flooded family farm into a resort doesn’t happen without strain. It is easy to feel the years of struggle in Bill’s heart. Devils Lake has taken as much as she has given. If you happen to be on the receiving side and find yourself smiling, pass on a word of encouragement to those who made it happen. Let’m know you’re grateful.

I have a re-occurring weakness that shows up every summer. Fishing memories. Back to where they were biting last week, last month or even last year. I found myself sitting in 15 feet on a couple of humps thinking, this just don’t feel right. “Feel right” when I’m fishing usually means my heart is struggling to overcome my brain. I finally get the point and head over to where Bill suggested I fish.

Browns Bay is around 13 feet for the most part and flat as they come. Few weeds, even less snags and stuffed to the top with several styles and sizes. They are not temperamental right now either. Cranks, jigs, spinners, live bait. Do what you like as the fish like it all.

If you are new to cranks or a bit on the shy side here is a suggestion that helps me. I look at cranks like live bait fishing. Trying different styles of cranks is the same as trying different minnows or switching crawlers to leeches. Mix up the selection with Jointed baits, high action with subtle action, big with little. Each bait has its own personality. Let the fish decide who they like.

Take a tip from the spinner guys who are masters at color change. Some days it doesn’t matter, other days it’s all that matters. Another thing the spinner gang does well is changing depths. Even if you have fish going at 10 feet it doesn’t cost much to check 8. Speed, like color can be critical. I can’t sort it all out so again; let the walleyes tell you what they like.

I have boxes of Salmo’s so don’t think Reef Runner is the only crank I own. I gave Salmo’s and several other cranks a try before it became obvious that a Wonderbread Red Rip Shad was pushing 5 to one with 3 to one odds. Jointed 5’s, Salmo’s, even Rip Shads in other colors, all coming in a distant last.

We liked 10 feet down with 35 feet of 10# Crystal tied to Rip Shads in Wonderbread Red. Hauling in a  fish a minute, my best guess is the walleyes liked it as well. We started with 4 lines out the back but Jesse and I were quickly out of breath in an effort to keep lines working. Geez, my nerves are buzzing.“Jesse, pass me those blood pressure pills, I can’t keep up this hectic pace.”

Down to a manageable 2 lines we settled in for a day made for the heart. Therapy better than a professional’s couch, but I doubt much cheaper. I do recommend, like the professional, make an appointment for next week. 95 percent Walleyes, 4 percent White Bass, and 1 percent Mr. Big Northern.

We have it easy with little effort, just the way I like it. The bonus, if you’re like me and your image is tied to performance, you will be feeling Top Dog. Enjoy it for a while, then remember who made it possible.

Thanks Bill,

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