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Overall fishing has been decent.

Hello, warmer temps a few days this week has a result in a few more people fishing.  Overall fishing has been decent. Walleyes continue to bite in several areas. North End of Six Mile Bay along the sunken road has been decent, the ridge on the west side of the towers in the main bay, Ft Totten area, Mission bay fishing the tracks and the humps. Stromme addition area, Military Point, and Doc Hagens. Fish anything with structure, depths between 10 FOW and 25 FOW. All depends on which area you are fishing. Anything with green has been working the best, buck shots, forge minnows, Live forage baits from Northland tipped with a minnow head or full minnow. Perch fishing continutes to be hit and miss. Better areas are swansons point, towers, dome house area, Foughty’s Point, north end of creel bay, and north end of Six mile bay. Fish depths of 28 FOW to 48 FOW depending on which area you fish. Genz bugs, Live Forage baits from northland, forge minnows, and kasmasters tipped with wax worms, spikes, or minnow heads have been working. A bobber with a little minnow always seems to trigger a few bites as well…..Moving around a lot has been the ticket to success. Find the school and follow it. Anything with tracks still seems to be the way to get around and its the safest way. Good luck and good fishing! Stop in and we will point you out in the right direction!

Courtesy of Ed’s Bait Shop

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