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Now is the Time to Get to Devils Lake!

Now is the time to get to Devils Lake. Fishing is not the best I have ever seen, but it is pretty darn close. We finally got some nice stable weather. Water temps are in the mid-60s. The fish are biting.

Nearly all the fishing activity is happening away from the main lake. Back bays that are shallower and warmer are holding most of the fish. Look for a bit of color in the water and play the wind if there is any. The fun part right now is that all the different species are mixed together quite often.

The walleye fishing is solid. Many techniques are working. Casting #5 Flicker Shad and Shad Raps or #7 Shallow Shad Raps is producing well most days. Perch Colors and Whites are the best, but experiment. If the fish do not seem to want to chase, try a jig and soft plastic. My go to is the 3.5 inch Ripple Shad. Hot Perch, Pink Shine and Pearl have been my best colors. Rig it on a ¼ oz jig and fish it near the bottom. Look for areas with emerging green vegetation. The cat tails are finally greening up and that is where most of the fish are.

If casting and reeling is not your game, then try slip-bobbers near the same weed edges. Anchor the boat outside the weeds and let them drift to the edge. Water depths vary from3 to 7 feet of water.

The spinner bite is just starting. I have not personally tried it yet, but it is not hard to see the success folks are having with the technique. Same areas, just move out from the weeks 40 to 100 yds.

If you want hot pike action, it seems the same areas are producing but look for a bit cleaner water. Pike are sight feeders and do not mind the gin clear stuff. Up size your lures to keep the smaller pike away. Large bass style jerk baits have produced some nice pike for us this week.

I finally ran into some nice white bass too. Small cranks and jigs worked well. Windy shorelines are what you need to concentrate these battlers.

Areas of the lake that have been good for me the past several day include East Devils Lake near the natural outlet, Jerusalem Coulee, Dead Cow Bay, Black Tiger Bay, New Mill Bay, Howard’s Farm, Doc Hagen’s, The Pepsi Barn in 6 Mile, and Golden Pond. I am sure there are others that are producing too.

Courtesy of Johnnie Candle


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