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Now is the Time for Pike!

June 3,

Greeting from Pikeville!!!!!! I mean Devils Lake. Pike fishing on Devils Lake has been nothing short of incredible!!!! I know alot of you love to catch and eat the most saught after fish… WALLEYE. But when you consider catching 50 to 100 pike each day that gets me excited. The pike here are 3-8 pound average and the water temps in the 60’s make these fun to catch and put in the frying pan. Pike get a bum rap when it comes to them because some have a difficult time removing the Y bone just say pike are aweful. Well I got news for you, they are fantastic! Coming out of cold water these can be cooked the same as walleye, eg. shore lunch, beer batter, on the grill, or 1 of my families favorite boiled in” SPRITE” till the filets turn white then dunked in garlic butter……Tastes like LOBSTER!!!!! Try it. I dare you. On the walleye front, They are being caught mixed in with the pike, a leach with a bobber and a jig has been the key. Shallow water I mean shallow 2-5 ft is the area to target. I have very few days in June left and July and August still remains slow for reservations. Till Next Time…… Tight Lines… John

Courtesy of Big John’s Guide Service

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