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November 16, 2015

This more than likely will be the last report until the lake starts freezing over. A cool down will be happening this week and we really need some cold temps to start the process of getting ice on this vast 190,00 acre lake. The fall fishing was pretty decent yielding some great catches of Walleyes and Pike!!! This I hope will hold true this winter. The people who have fished with me and know how I write these reports know I don’t blow smoke up your *ss just to get you to come fish with me. I have prided myself with truthful reports both here and on my facebook pages. I know some of you call me to get the “low down” on things and just to chat about fishing, equipment, tackle, presentations or life. I thank you for those calls and welcome each one of you to call anytime. I love to talk fishing or whatever with you!!!!! As far as the Perch go, I don’t have a answer for you except, several small lakes had nice Perch with Walleyes mixed in last year and this is where I will start Perch fishing when the ice is “SAFE” and not until.

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