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Mother’s Day

Mothers day
For all you guys out their take time today to spend with your mom. If you do not have one, you will know why I say take time out of fishing and spend it with your mom. For all you mothers out their Happy Mothers day and ask your kids to do some thing for you today.Northerns are biting good now the weather has turned a round. Shallow water plastics working the best. Walleyes are just a round the corner, they should start by the third week of May teamed up with the white bass spawning the last week of May. If you haven’t fished white bass don’t knock it. When you get in to them it is a blast to catch and release one after another for all ages and skill levels. For all you MN people good luck with your opener this week end. If you are looking for a different kind of lake to fish, where the walleyes a plentiful come out and join us with a guide or on our own.

Courtesy: McQuoid Outdoors

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