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For the next few weeks the Lake Region Heritage Center (Old Post Office Museum) located in downtown Devils Lake will host the artwork, “no lumps, thank you. a bra anthologie” by Fargo resident Meg Spielman- Peldo. Her collection makes light of one of the most common garments around, the bra. Enjoy the humor in Spielmans creations as you see a variety of different everyday items can make up one of the most essential pieces in the average woman’s wardrobe. From antlers to eggs and everything in between this collection will be sure to amuse you as well as have you wanting to help support Spielman and others in their drive to help breast cancer charities.

 Come in and see how there is, in the artists own words “a universal vibe of humor surrounding these garments that lift and separate our breasts. It crosses gender, age, and culture”. Enjoy the light hearted nature of Spielmans’ work as she says on her website, “it’s good medicine for all of us to let down our guard and laugh. My hope is to bring a smile to your spirit and a chuckle to your heart…”

 Dates of show: Friday August 10 —Friday September 7.

Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10 AM to 4 PM, Saturdays 10 AM to 3 PM.

Where: Main floor of Lake Region Heritage Center (Old Post Office Museum)

502 4th St NE Devils Lake

Call us at 701-662-3701 or email us at lrhc@gondtc.com with any questions, also check us out online at www.lrhcmuseum.com.

Spielman- Peldo’s show is made available by the North Dakota Art Gallery Association along with grant monies from the North Dakota Council on the Arts in collaboration with the National Endowment for the Arts and state legislative funding.

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