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Look out we should have some fantastic fishing ahead of us!

Lake conditions have improved dramatically in the last two weeks.  We were finally lucky enough to catch a break and receive a week to 10 days of warm weather (30 to 43 degrees) that helped us shrink some snow.  We lost at least 40 percent of the snow that we had and what is remaining is rock hard and we are able to drive our trucks right over the top of it.  So we are able to finally get to some areas that have not been fished all season.  Spots that were impossible to get to because of too much heavy snow or slush issues are now accessible.  We are still travelling in pairs as it is possible to still get stuck and slush spots can still be found but they are a lot more rare than they were two weeks ago.

The fishing has picked up as well.  The groups that were here during the warm spell did quite well on perch and we have been catching some walleyes as well.  But the cold front that made the snow rock hard is still lingering and has made perch fishing quite a bit more difficult.  We are marking them constantly but it is hard to get them to bite.  It seems like they bite in spurts.  Just when we are about to give up they seem to turn on for a while.  The perch we have been catching are the true jumbos and we have caught a lot that have easily averaged over a pound.

According to the forecast, it sounds like it is going to stay on the cold side for quite a while.  This should prolong our season until the end of March.  Last year March was by far our best month for perch so as soon as this weather straightens out and stabilizes…look out we should have some fantastic fishing ahead of us. 

It is hard to find room for groups before the 20th of March.  We do have some availiblilty March 13 – 17th but other than that the only available dates we have left is after March 20th.

Good Luck Fishing Everybody!

Courtesy of Perch Patrol/Perch Express

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