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Local boy takes first in the MWC youth fishing tournament


The first MWC youth fishing tournament on Devils Lake, ND was held on Friday, August 20, launching out of Graham’s Island State Park with the weigh-in held in town at the Burdick Arena. The weather was beautiful for the morning, and fish were caught. The youth, ages 8 to 12, were paired with a professional fisherman from the MWC circuit.

The results are:

1st place: Dylan Durbin, Crary, ND and Chad Maloy, Fargo, ND  –  3 fish at 5.0 pounds
2nd place: Benjamin Shepard, Devils Lake, ND and Brian Sularz, Maple Grove, MN  –  3 fish at 4.53 pounds
3rd place: Isaak Brown, Devils Lake, ND and Bryan Gaikowski, Watertown, SD  –  2 fish at 3.80 pounds
4th place: Zack Shepard, Devils Lake, ND and Brian Woodward, Casper, WY  –  2 fish at 3.77 pounds
5th place: Jayce Trana, Devils Lake, ND and Kevin McQuoid, Isle, MN  –  2 fish at 3.69 pounds
6th place: Hunter Brown, Devils Lake, ND and Guy Ryan, Salina, KS  –  2 fish at 3.68 pounds
7th place: Cory Shereck, Devils Lake, ND and Johnnie Candle, Devils Lake, ND  –  2 fish at 3.54 pounds
8th place: Andrew Lee, Walhalla, ND and Corey Heiser, West Fargo, ND  –  2 fish at 3.34 pounds
9th place: Zach Abrahamson, Minot, ND and Jim Perry, Tonganokie, KS  –  2 fish at 2.96 pounds
10th place: Ryan Reule, Devils Lake, ND and Dewey Huber, Garden City, KS  –  1 fish at 1.44 pounds
11th place: Bailey Schneider, Devils Lake, ND and Allan Freidig, Devils Lake, ND  –  1 fish at 1.41 pounds
12th place: Blake Gellner, Langdon, ND and Mike Oletzke, Watertown, SD  – 1 fish at 1.24 pounds

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