27 2009 »

Last week 90’s this week 50-60’s windy

Last week 90’s this week 50-60’s windy. But thru it all the fish are still biting with limits of walleyes coming out of 9-13 feet of water. Most fish are eaters but getting some very nice four pounders thrown in the mix once in awhile. Trolling, some of the guys are getting some nice ones all so in 9-15′ of water. We still have some nice wether ahead this weekend. We are open and it looks like 80’s so if you have the weekend off give us a call if you want to have some good walleye action. A reminder for you duck hunters that are still looking for a nice house to rent I still have some openings. You all so may want to kept in mind the walleye action is good all day long. So after hunting it would be worth the time to hire a guide and go fishing after the morning hunt and before the sunset drive.

Courtesy of McQuiod Outdoors & Lodging

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