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Labor Day weekend equals OPTIONS…

Its that special time of year in again in North Dakota! Harvest, fishing, hunting, and the beautiful fall colors!!
Kids are back in school and perhaps there is time for you and partner/friend(s) to head to Devils Lake to experience some fantastic walleye fishing.

We are still catching walleyes in shallow water along weed lines, seems like the weeds that have a transition from mud to rock hold the most bait, which equals the most walleyes. There are also a lot of walleyes being caught out deeper (25-32 ft.). Concentrate on these contours along the old shoreline, look for humps, rock piles, flooded roads, basically anything that has a depth change.
Bottom bouncers and spinners allow you to cover a variety of depths quickly. By far, this is the easiest way to fish on the lake right now; however, vertical jigging, and trolling cranks has also produced some great numbers of fish.

More fish will be showing up in or near the current areas (bridges). A popular presentation is to vertical jig or to slip bobber these areas. Don’t forget that jigging raps can also be very deadly as we progress into fall. There are days that they really produce.

It’s a special time of year…let us know if you need a fishing trip, lodging, or a point in the right direction.

Good luck to all!!

Courtesy of Bry’s Guide Service

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