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Labor Day is Upon Us

I know I always sound like a broken record this time of year, but it really seems like the summer just flew by. We had our busiest summer in the history of Bry’s Guide Service!! We had such wonderful clients! It makes being a fishing guide a lot of fun!! We thank everyone for their business and a special thanks to the many of our clients that have been repeats for over ten years, so THANK YOU!!!!!

As for the fishing, it has been good but not great. There are days we really get them and their are days that way have to search a bit. Weather has been all over the place (no excuses) and I think there are a lot of different patterns going on between shallow and deeper bites. So basically fish can be caught just about anywhere right now.
So the absolute key right now is to cover water. Trolling cranks and pulling bottom bouncers and spinners is probably the most productive way to do so. Work weed edges( 10-14 ft) or the old shoreline (22-26 ft).

Current areas are always a good bet this time of year and they will get better and better as fall progresses. Vertical jigging live bait or thumping a jigging rap/blade bait is usually the most productive. Look for fall fishing to be solid again this year! With the number of fish in the lake right now, I don’t know how it won’t be excellent!

So Labor Day weekend is here, get out and enjoy some fishing, family, and fun on beautiful Devils Lake!!!

Courtesy of Bry’s Guide Service

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