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June Fishing is Here!

The fishing on Devils Lake has been good this last week. Not a lot has changed when it comes to presentation wise.

Best tactic is still fishing the shallows. Slip bobbers have worked great this week, find any vegetation (cattails/weed lines) and slowly work your way in. The lake is still relatively clear in some areas so it is best to slowly troll your way in to the back bays so you don’t spoke the fish. Try fishing in anywhere less than 8 feet of water. A plain number 6 hook or small jig tipped with a leech has been working best underneath slip bobbers. Don’t be afraid to wait out a spot with bobbers for 15-20 minutes before you get a bite, as the fish may have spooked when you arrived in the boat and may take some time to make their way back to where you pulled up at.

Pitching jigs and cranks have still been producing fish, try throwing a slip bobber out and cast a crank or jig with the other rod. This gives you greater odds to maximize your success and helps you find what the fish are preferring. The evening bite from shore has been picking up as well; slip bobbers and lindy rig setups are great options when fishing for walleyes from shore. The pike fishing is still going strong and can be caught along most shorelines in the shallows.

If you are in town fishing this week make sure to take some time and see all the classic cars that will be around for Devils Run.

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Good luck to all the anglers that will be out this weekend. Don’t forget to share photos of your catch using #devilslakend

Tanenr & Wayne 5-30-16

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