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June 7th Report

Hello anglers!

This week looks to bring us warm temps and winds around 10-20 mph. The weekend will cool off slightly and bring some rain on Sunday and Monday. Don’t forget to send pictures in for our walleye contest! Winners will be drawn weekly!

Walleyes are being caught in many different areas throughout the lake with a variety of presentations. Pitching crankbaits and plastics is still a successful technique being used. Using live bait is never a bad option. Slip bobbering with leeches has been a good technique to use while targeting walleyes in flooded timber, submerged rock piles, and other types of similar structure. The water temperature is rising to the point where using bottom bouncers with spinners is going to be good from here on out. Targeting areas from 8-15 foot of water that follows a weed line, contour drop, or through flooded timber will lead to finding fish. 6 mile bay has been producing fish at the bridge, along the shorelines and in the north end along the flooded road. Good numbers of walleyes have been coming from the flats and pelican. Look to pitch or slip bobber around refuge island, rail road tracks, and any weed patch you can try in Pelican. Golden pond has been producing fish as of late. Reports of a few crappie being caught there from time to time mixed in with the walleyes and pike. The north end of Creel Bay, Peterson Point, and in front of the Country Club has produced some walleyes this past week. Anglers have had success on the East side of the lake as well. Stromme addition, haybale bay, and the storm sewers have seen a few walleyes being pulled out within the last week. Any bridge throughout the lake has been producing fish in the evenings.

If you’re in search of Pike, you won’t have to look too hard. Most shallow areas/weed lines are holding good numbers of pike. Look to pitch cranks or plastics into these shallow areas. Pike have been fairly aggressive since the early parts of spring. Any bay you roll into should hold pike in the shallow water.

White bass have been fairly inconsistent in most parts of the lake. Woods-Rutten road, Browns slough, and near the Casino have held white bass the most consistently. Using small crankbaits will be the most reliable approach in catching these fish.

Good luck to everyone on the lake!

Be Safe! Have Fun!

Courtesy of Woodland Resort

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