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June 1st Report!

Last week was like a roller coaster… water temps, wind and fishing. The 32 degree nites gave us a chill on the lake and the wind at 25+ mph last week made us cancel a couple trips. The fishing was the same, before the wind and cold temps fishing was spectacular and fairly easy. (when we found them)!! now on to later this last week.. Find the bays and find warmer water and find fish simple, right? NOT!!! A finicky bite was there and patience, patience, patience was the key to catching fish. Shallow water, less than 6′ yielded us some nice fish 14-22″.
The forecast this week calls for temps in the 70’s with a chance of rain till Friday. The phone has been ringing and June is 3/4 full and July is 1/3 full. Warmer temps and stable weather will bring great opportunities to catch fish soooo make that call and book a trip with us and enjoy a fun filled day or two catching Devils Lake walleyes. Just a reminder.. This report is weekly, if you want a daily report, Facebook friend me and see the info that day!!!
Until Next Time… Tight Lines John

Courtesy of Big John’s Guide Service

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