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July 16th Report!

I was only able to fish two days between my last tournament and a trip to the Stratos Boats dealer meeting, but they were two pretty incredible days.

Here is what I learned in those two days as well as some information from my network here on Devils Lake.

Walleye fishing is absolutely nuts. Just about any depth and any technique is working. If you want to troll crankbaits you can. If you want to cast jigs, you can. If you like bobber fishing, that is working too. Spinners, easy money. It is that time here. Everything is working just about anywhere on the lake. If you want to catch 100 walleye in a day, now is the time. It is honestly that good.

Spinners in Gold, White or Fire Tiger with a leech, half a crawler or a piece of Gulp! on them are working very well. Pull them along weed edges, flooded roads or along main lake structure and hold on. 1.1 to 1.5 is the best speed lately.

Crankbaits like #5 and #6 Flicker Shads in the same colors are working well in similar areas. Troll about 2 mph. Use lead core if the depths are not possible with FireLine.

Jigs with leeches below bobbers or verticle jigging in the deeper water of the main lake is also producing

Areas to try, sorry for the long list: The area west of Old Hwy 281, structure in Pelican Lake, Golden Pond, Don’s Bay, The Golden Hwy, Hog Bay, Ft Totten area, Strommes, Black Tiger Bay.

The pike are mixed in with the walleye and seem to prefer crankbaits right now. I did not catch a white bass in the two days I fished so no update there.

My August bookings are coming around, but I did have a cancellation and have a few really good dates open still. Don’t forget about my new park model for your lodging needs as well.

Courtesy of Johnnie Candle

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