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January 24th!

Hello anglers!

Looks like the next few days are going to bring us some of the warmest weather that we’ve seen this season. The barometric pressure is hovering around 30.00 in and slightly climbing. Look for these fish to be on a lighter bite. Walleyes and perch may move to deeper water with the pressure rising. With the cloud cover we will see the next few days, fishing with a brighter or a flashy lure might help attract fish. Anglers are still having success using buckshots, puppet minnows/jigging raps, and tungsten jigs. Lures are being tipped with minnow heads, wax worms, or spikes. Don’t be afraid to use 2 or 3 wax worms at a time when using these smaller baits. Changing presentation is key when dealing with tough fish. Try to downsize or use a dangle chain if you are marking without receiving a bite.

Ice Conditions:

We are seeing an average of 14 inches of ice on most parts of the lake. We have also found up to 20 inches in areas of Creel, Walford, and Budweiser. As low at 8 inches have been reported in areas of the Flats. Slush pockets remain scattered throughout the lake system. We still have a pressure ridge at the mouth of Creel running from Rocky Point towards Military Point. Lake Irvine and Alice have an average of 16 inches of ice throughout.

Be Safe! Stay Warm! Have Fun!


Courtesy of Woodland Resort

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