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January 21st Report!

Good Afternoon Everyone from beautiful Devils Lake North Dakota!

Things are going good as far as ice fishing and ice conditions are going. The current report on ice conditions is that people are starting to drive half ton pickups on certain parts of the lake. Lake Irvine and Lake Alice has anywhere from 14-18” of ice with some spots pushing 20”. There are a few slush pockets in that area so keep an eye out for them. Creel Bay has around 16” of ice on it. And the rest of the basin is getting close to a 12” average. There are a few spotty spots with some thinner ice, the Minnewaukan Flats has been reported to have a little ice as 8-10” in certain areas, so be sure to use extreme caution when venturing out to new areas that you haven’t been to yet.

The fishing has been good. Walleyes have been going good between the first couple of hours in the morning as well as the last few hours before dark. The perch have been active throughout the day and we are seeing nice bunches of perch being caught throughout the whole Devils Lake Basin.

The typical jigging spoons such as Northland Buckshots, Clam Blade Spoons, or Custom Jigs and Spins Slender Spoons tipped with a minnow head has been a good combo to use. If you are getting follows but no reaction bites trying changing to different colors and if that isn’t working don’t be afraid to downsize lures to a smaller presentation.

Good luck to those that will be fishing this weekend as it looks like a nice warm weekend to spend on the ice. Don’t forget to share you catches on our Visit Devils Lake North Dakota Facebook page!

Lewke Walleye

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