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January 11th Report!

The fishing has been good on Devils Lake. We are seeing ice conditions anywhere from 7-11 inches throughout most of the lake. There are still some spots that have a spotty 4 inches so be very cautious when venturing out on the ice.
The bite has been good, lots of people are finding perch throughout the lake. The walleye fishing has been pretty consistent. Some are finding walleyes shallow while others are finding them in 25-35 feet of water. Find good structure or hard contour lines and start drilling! The best methods have been using various types of jigging spoons tipped with a minnow head. The colors vary from day to day but orange, pink, and red have been working fairly consistent. With this cold front over the weekend the walleyes were preferring a slowed down cadence while jigging. Keep trying different colors until you find the one that produces a reaction from the fish.
A tactic to give a try is drill your holes for your house to setup a nice warm base camp. Then drill a circle around your house and hole hop around until you find which hole is producing the most fish and then move your house to that particular spot! Good luck to everyone fishing this week, don’t forget to share your photos on the Visit, Devils Lake North Dakota Facebook page!

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