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Isn’t enough time in a day to hit all of the good spots!!

The weather has been red hot and so has the fishing!!!  It has been an incredible week of walleye and northern pike fishing, heck we even got into the white bass a time or two!    We have been very fortunate to catch all of our limits in the morning when it was a little cooler.  The afternoons have been a little on the miserable side, especially if there is no breeze, as the temperatures have been in the 90’s.  Our biggest issue we face right now is the water temperatures have been 80 to 82 degrees.  This makes it tough for us to keep fish in the live wells alive all day long.  So we have to keep an eye on them.  We have been catching such beautiful walleyes and we cannot let them spoil.  This is North Dakota and we all know the weather will cool off eventually.

I feel like a broken record as to our methods.  We are still working weed lines with spinners, bottom bouncers, and either night crawlers or Gulp minnows.  We did cast for the white bass with Mimic Minnows and crank baits.  We have been very busy guiding lots of parties and we have had all of our guides on duty.  With all of our force working everyday the number of spots that we have in our war chest right now is at an all time high.  Honestly, there isn’t enough time in a day to hit all of them.  The good fishing seems to have been exploding for us.

This has been one of the best July fishing months we have ever had.  Every week seems to top the previous one.  August will be no different.  There is so many fish in the Devils Lake system right now it is unbelievable.  The larger ones are not everywhere and we do have to work harder for them but it would be hard to find better fishing than Devils Lake is kicking out on a daily basis right now. 

Our schedule has been very busy and we are busy coming up.  We do manage to always find openings some how some way so if you are thinking about bring a group to fish with us, we will do our best to find room for you.  We wouldn’t want you to miss out!!!  We would love to have you.

Have a great week and We hope to see you very soon!

  Steve “Zippy” Dahl

Courtesy of Mitchells Guide Service & Woodland Resort

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