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If you’re thinking summer is over and August fishing is dog days you are not from ND

Does your wife know you got all this stuff?

If you’re thinking summer is over and August fishing is dog days you are not from ND. For years I’ve been telling those who hang up the rods early they are missing some of the best ND has to offer. Understand I’m from MN where dog days were just that. Tuff fishing. Don’t ask me what the difference is but most ND waters are not afflicted with the shortened season. Granted it’s not August yet but when it hits us this Saturday I plan to be on the water catching fish. Don’t let the summer slip by, take a couple of vacation days added to a weekend and get to Devils Lake.

I spent the night at Woodlands Resort where I got reacquainted with Kyle who owns and operates the resort. Woodlands is a first class operation with everything you can possibly need for a fishing vacation. Camping, cabins, camp store and the Cove, Woodlands own restaurant. As you can see by the wall of fish pictures, fishing here is first class as well.

With morning radio taken care of Ron and I motored out of Woodlands into a cool gray morning headed for the Golden Hi-way. I don’t fish the famous road often for some reason but I’m making it a point to pull some cranks there today. We got around Grahams Island and hit a bit more wind than I like so we just slipped into 11 to 12 feet and made a pull a few miles short of the Golden destination. Nobody home, so off for the road. One more detour at Howards as wind was blowing into shore and it just looked too good to pass up. 20 minutes in the 10 foot depth and several, “I can’t believe they’re not here’s” later, we finally hit the road.

The road is not good to me and I’m thinking to myself this ain’t gonna happen. It didn’t, so we moved off the road top to the west just a bit and pulled a hump a couple of other boats were on. First Fish, northern, followed by a small walleye on a Reef Runner Rip Shad. Low clouds and low pressure have me thinking I need to make a change so out came the cold front lures. Two RS4’s which turned out to be our best morning lures. They got us our first limit of small walleyes. Once 5 were in the box Ron and I had a council and came up with a stimulus plan. MOVE.

Devils Lake simply has too much to offer for one day on the water. Geez you could spend the entire summer here and not get to 10% of the lake. Knowing that, I still try, so off to Pelican for a look around. We arrive to sunshine and very light winds. Cranks go down into 15 feet with Bomber 24a’s at 45 feet back and Rip Shads, Shad Raps, Salmo’s and several others following. It was a two lure show all afternoon as the Firetiger Bombers were the only lures to catch fish. I consider Bombers in the same class as the RS4’s, cold front equipment.

We have a slow start with rain to the SW and rain to the NE. For some reason we are under the clear patch. That does change however and the afternoon is spent climbing in and out of rain gear interrupted by the occasional fish, a very welcome interruption. Ron released our best fish of the day and with 9 in the live well you always ask yourself if that was a good call. Turns out it was as a Bomber put last fish in the box for us.

We have plenty of day left and I get the wild idea to see if I can put the hooks to a monster northern. Earlier this season I went out with Boyd, a local northern expert and got the low down on 40 inch plus trophy fish. I knew when I climbed into his boat it would cost me and sure enough I now own several dollar an inch titanium leaders matched with 10 bucks a crack spinners. They sure look pretty in the water. I was feeling pretty good about the investment until Ron had to bring up the “Does your wife know you got all this stuff?” question. I’m used to vertical jigging a ¼ ounce leadhead so tossing a 1 ¼ ounce monster spinner and dragging it through a jungle of weeds is like winching a log up a mountain slope. Needless to say when I got off the water I gave a Boyd a call to see if I qualify for remedial training.

Last week I mentioned in the fishing tip it is always better to spend an extra two hours in the truck in order to get to good fishing rather than stop two hours short for mediocre fishing. Fact is there is no place in ND, heck MN, IA, or WI for that matter that is too far to drive for what Woodlands Resort and Devils Lake has to offer. August, you will not be disappointed.

Courtesy of Greg Schoneck of ND Live, Wet And Wild

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