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Ice is steady at about 14” in the areas we are fishing.

The calm before the storm! Fishing in our houses has been pretty good the past few days. Our new track machines have been a great weapon against the snow. These give us free range of the lake allowing us to venture out miles past Creel Bay. Ice is steady at about 14” in our areas we are fishing. We are plowing about 6 miles of trails on Creel Bay. Beyond the trails driving is difficult for 4 wheel drive vehicles. Plan on tracked ATV’s or snowmobiles if you are on your own and want to scout for fish. We are seeing some deep water and slush in certain areas. Please do not drill holes on plowed trails.

Pike fishing has been good and our spear houses are producing some nice pike. Walleye fishing for some has been really good. Perch are spotty, but recently some of our fish houses have gotten some real nice jumbos.

Big storm for the next few days may make fishing tough. We will do our best to keep trails open. Happy New Year!!

Courtesy of Woodland Resort

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