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Ice is forming…Use caution!!

It is the transition period in North Dakota, the boat season is about done, and we are starting up the ice fishing season! Everyone is excited to try out there new equipment, but make sure you really survey the conditions of the ice before you head out.
Some words of advice: BE CAREFUL!!!

There are some areas that have enough ice to get out and walk on; however, many areas are not safe and some areas still have open water. So the bottom line is that ice is still very iffy. Please make sure to fish with partners, have picks, ice bars, a Nebulus flotation (http://www.nebulusflotation.com/), and use some common sense.
We are expecting to have a great winter on Devils Lake! Walleye, Perch, and Pike are all doing very well in the lake and the overall size of the Perch is incredible!! If you would like to fish with Bry’s Guide Service, we have a few different options.

Option 1: Fish from a SnoBear! (http://www.snobear.org). The coolest aspect about the SnoBear is that really no matter the condition, we can fish in comfort!

Option 2: Fish from portable ice house! (http://www.otteroutdoors.com) These are the best and most comfortable portable ice houses on the market in our opinion! All thermal keeps the temperature inside of these houses incredibly well even in the coldest conditions.

Feel free to give us a call at: 701 739-0161 or check us out online at: www.brysguideservice.com

We will do a few trips before Christmas, but plan to get into full gear right after!! We also have lodging of our own now at The Fish Rehab (more to come on that in the very near future)!! We also have lodging and another SnoBear available through Haybale Heights!

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!! We are close…


Courtesy of Bry’s Guide Service

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