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Happy New Year to You All!!!!!!!

January 4, 2015

Lets cut right to the chase…. The fishing out here is pretty decent for Walleye and Pike however, the Perch fishing on the Main Lake has been somewhat of a challenge. We have had to go smaller lakes in the area to catch perch with a few walleyes mixed in. In the past we caught limits of Perch fairly easy and even though the we are catching 15-20 perch per day in each house the size is all over the tape measure 5″-14″ is the size range with average being 9-11″. With that being the way it is until the schools of perch can be found this has been the norm. On the Walleye side clients are catching limits of Walleyes from 14-26″ size. Mornings and evenings have been the best. Buckshot rattle spoons tipped with full minnow hooked thru the back dorsal and just letting them swim or a minnow head has been the best. The new RJ Ice Hunter spoons also have caught their fair share of fish too!!! Pike have been found all over the lake and people have been bringing in some dandy’s. My schedule is looking great with only 7 days left for January, about 10 days in February, and only 1/2 full for March. The season is in full swing now with 20″ of ice on the main lake and cold weather here for all of this week we will have plenty of ice to drive on the main lake. Be careful of pressure ridges… Yesterday a truck went nose first thru the ice by a pressure ridge and everyone was safe but the truck was full of water and I am sure that it is totaled!!! Be Safe out there. If you want to take a trip with us…. Give us a call and we will try to fit your group into our schedule. Till Next Time… Tight Lines… John


Courtesy of Big John’s Guide Service

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