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Hammer Time!!!

Well, this season is starting out like last year ended.  GANGBUSTERS!  The Jumbo Perch-a-thon has been red hot on Devils Lake this past week.  A very large school of perch was found in 42 feet of water and the Perch Patrol customers cashed in Big time!  Limits of perch have been caught the past 3 days and these are the kind of perch that stop you from reeling for a moment or two.  The walleye fishing has been also very good as well with limits coming in from just about everywhere on the lake.  We can’t imagine a better start to this ice fishing season.

Northland Buckshot rattle spoons, Forage minnows, Genz worms, Hali’s with the dropper chain, Stop Light spoons, tipped with minnow heads or loaded up with wax worms have all been successful.  Plain hook and minnow below a bobber has been effective as well.

The ice conditions are improving all the time.  We have barely any snow on the ice, so without any insulation going on we are making ice quite rapidly.  For the most part the lake has anywhere from 8 to 12 inches of ice but there still could be areas where the ice is thinner.  We strongly recommend 4 wheelers, ATV’s and snowmobile for now.  Not enough ice for vehicles quite yet.

We are going to have a very busy season this year.  We have never had so many reservations in the books and as many “sold out” days on the schedule as we do right now this early in the season.  If you are at all serious about making a trip to Devils Lake this winter and fishing with the Perch Patrol, we cannot stress enough how important it is for you to get something scheduled very soon.  We want to take you fishing this season and as always once we are full…we are full.  There are still some of our regular every year customers that we have not yet heard from yet.  The word is definitely out on what an awesome season we had last year.

Have a Great Week Everybody!!!  BE SAFE!!!

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Courtesy of Perch Patrol Guide Service

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