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Great spots for fishing…

Hello, report time again and every week. Sorry for the no reports my fault. Anyway fishing on the lake has been pretty good all summer and still is.

Right now you can do about anything you want to catch fish in any depth you want. The nice fish are coming on pitching crankbaits in the shallows still. 4-8 FOW on edge of weeds and cattails. Wind does help as usual. Pelican lake, Howards Bay, Hog Bay, Holy Bay, Old mill, Ft Totten area, Stomme addition, penny bay, browns bay have been producing fish.

Live baiting use spinners, bobbers, jigs. Use leeches or crawlers in 12-25 FOW. Producing numbers of fish but the size isnt always there. Have to weed through them to get what you want. Ft totten area, Golden highway, deeper shorelines up in Pelican, Rocky and Military points, Doc Hagens, budweiser bay…and again stromme addition, dairy farm, storm sewer area, Foughty’s Point, any of the bridges on the lake. Keep moving to you find the right depth.. basically anything with structure this time of year holds fish.

Fishing is only going to get better when the water temps cool down and the weeds start to die off. A lot more to look foward to till ice fishing starts!

New store hours for fall and winter are 6am-9pm. Stop in we will help you out! Thanks and good luck!

Courtesy of Ed’s Bait Shop

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