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Gotta Love March!

Hello…Gotta love March! Nice weather, snow melting and excellent fishing. Six mile bay has been the hot ticket for perch. With fish starting to school up and actually starting to bite pretty good. Movement is the key, get on the school catch fish. When the fish are gone, pack up and move again. Nice sized perch are being caught on wax worms, spikes, and minnow heads. Smaller jigs like ratsos, hali’s, forge minnow, genz worms have been usefull. Plain hook with bigger minnow has triggered a better bite some days as well. For walleye fishing, it been been fair but scattered…mission bay has been the best..fish the tracks or humps. 57 and 20 bridge are also starting to pick up since the water has started to move under those bridges. Bucks hots, Rapala jigs, Nils Masters have been working the best tipped with a minnow head. Pike fishing has been great…nort end of six mile, lake irvin, and morrison have been the best. Herring on tip ups, or a bigger jig with twister tail and full minnow if you wanna jig. Travel on the ice is starting to get sloppy but remains pretty good. That could change in the next week or so…which means get ready for 4 wheeler traffic to get around safely. Cmon out and fish while its still good. Good luck and good fishing!

Taken from Ed’s Bait Shop

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