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God’s creative best Devils Lake

God’s creative best Devils Lake

Water and life share an inseparable link and it seems the more water the more life. Don’t seem to be relegated to just a single type either. If it’s a heavy dose of life at God’s creative best Devils Lake may be the therapy your heart is needing. I know it did wonders for mine.Birds of so many colors and types it would keep bird enthusiasts burning through the look up book for days. Whitetails behind every clump of cover. Bugs by the billions. Good part about the bugs is they is the good kind. If you didn’t know there was a good kind well there is. This kind of bug, the mayfly, feeds the fish, which is last on my list of life. Not because of rank but because this is where the good stuff begins.

Nate and I put in next to the Brinsmade bridge with his tiller Warrior. Ya, I’m being guided and getting to enjoy the change of pace. The plan is to work our way into the back side of Pelican as we pitch jigs along the way. First sign of activity is a clipped off jig on my first cast. Northern. No walleyes for us north of the tracks so we look for a railroad crossing. All I can say here is be careful, we made it easily but it is shallow. With that we are off to the secret bay where Nate and I caught about 100 whitebass and numerous walleyes in the 7lb + class in recent history. Kind of burns in the memory. With all of the anticipation of school kids at the bell, jigs were flying. Results were a bit different than last time. Two northern.

Heading south we stop at a sunken road and make a reasonable attempt. Nate gets a reasonable walleye, not a big fish but at any other lake it would be in my livewell. Nate decides it needs to grow. It proves to be a good call. Off on the next exploratory run. We don’t stop until we are tucked into a small bay that dead ends at a road about to go under. Same story here. Nate. In fact it’s all about Nate all day. Of the 15 walleyes caught Nate gets credit for 13. I did out do him on the northern!

We are pitching into 2 feet while keeping the boat in 8. Use this as a general guide, not a hard and fast rule. Every lake has personality and Devils Lake is strong on plastic or rubber on the jig. Try this in Sakakawea and don’t count on a big day. Here at DL you can’t go wrong with the tails. Leeches also work well. If you can get a smooth lift drop and repeat just as the jig touches bottom you may out fish your partners. However there are days when sleeping in the boat and simply dragging the jig while drifting will perform as well if not better.

You don’t need a boat to fish Devils Lake. With hundreds of miles of very effective shore fishing the problem is where to start. Give one of the resorts or bait shops a call and you will find friendly folks eager to share some of the better locations. If it’s a boat you’re needing I may be able to help. I noticed a dandy homemade pontoon still on the trailer that looks like it may go cheap. Be very sure to bring lifejackets.

Several moves, one hot spot that we worked to the end and a dozen or so stops brought us back to the beginning. Now we are north of the tracks and in easy sight of the Brinsmade Bridge where this all started. A passing boat holds up their catch for a quick picture and we make one final stop next to the cattail line just off the main channel. Story of the day. I get a northern, Nate gets a walleye.

Birds, birds, birds, they are everywhere and the sweet singing of nature is something I don’t hear in my office. I wonder if I could do that home office thing from the lake? Maybe I should look into that pontoon.

Courtesy of Greg Schoneck for ND Live

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