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Gearing Up For Summer!

All good things must come to an end!!!! What I mean by this is My ice fishing is officially done for this season. Now time to get busy gearing up for the summer. I have been working with a couple of sponsors and making headway. Those who are on-board with us so far is 13 fishing.. These rods are awesome and each are built for specific presentations, eg. Pitching, Jigging, Bobbering, Bottom-Bouncing. With that said these will all be available for my clients to use. NW Metro Tackle will be providing the jigs for us…I used their jigs this winter and needless to say they are AWESOME and caught alot of fish. Another product to the line will be WING-IT these are the bottom bouncers that we use and just like last year they are a quick change system and they too are top notch. I am also negotiating with other companies to stay up to date with my products so that I can offer the “best” for my clients this season. As we get closer to open water I will be keeping you all in the loop by updating these reports. Till Next Time… Tight Lines John

Courtesy of Big John’s Guide Service

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