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Game On or Should We Say Fish On!


Game on doesn’t even do it justice right now. The walleye bite is torrid on Devils Lake. I am not making this up when I say it, but you cannot do it wrong right now.

In the past week I have caught fish from 4 feet deep to 30 feet deep an anywhere in between. Casting to shallow rocky shores or weeds is producing when the wind is blowing in is working. Trolling spinners and Gulp! or crankbaits along flooded road beds and deeper weed edges is working. Bobber fishing humps, bumps and rock piles between 10 and 25 feet of water is catching. Trolling spinners and crankbaits on the old lake shoreline in 25 to 30 feet of water is working too. Literally everywhere you go you can catch a walleye.

Baits that have been hot for me are #3 Indiana spinner blades in white, firetiger, gold or silver tipped with a Gulp! Curly Tail grub or a Gulp 3″ Minnow. #5 and #6 Flicker Shads in Flashy Perch, Mouse, Ghost White, and Firetiger. 1/8 to ¼ oz chartreuse jigs with a leech or a plain red hook below a float should not be ruled out either.

There is no best area so I will just list a few. Golden Pond, the Golden Highway, Hog Bay, Patience Point, Ft Totten Bay, Military Point, Strommes Addition, Mission Road, and the list goes on and on.

Do yourself a favor and just get here. The pike are still mixed on with the walleye a bit and a few good ones are caught each day. The white bass have gotten scarce but I have not honestly tried to catch one for a while. Who cares when the walleye are biting so well?

Courtesy of Johnnie Candle

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