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Future looking bright for walleyes on Devils Lake…

The future is looking bright for walleyes on Devils Lake! We are seeing lots of 12-14 inch walleyes being caught. Seems like we get our fair share of 15-18 inchers as well.  We are just working through he smaller ones. There are some bigger walleyes being caught too.  It just depends on the day and location you are fishing. The biggest change this week is that fish seem to be a bit deeper. Most of our fish are in the 8-12 feet of water. When the wind blows, there are fish being caught in shallower water, but for the most part, we are a bit deeper. Jigs and plastics are still good; however, live bait has been very good as well. Bouncers and spinners, jigs pulled slowly with live bait, and slip bobbering have all been productive. Bass are still shallow and northerns are more spotty with the warmer water temps. Weeds are growing more and more each day. If you aren’t pulling on a few weeds every now and then, you aren’t fishing in the right areas.

Good luck to all!!

Courtesy of Bry’s Guide Service

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