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Friday, April 6: The ice is off on Devils Lake and the fish are hungry!


The ice is off Devils Lake and the fish are hungry!!!  There has been some pretty impressive catches of walleyes and northern pike the past 10 days on Devils Lake.  The water temperatures are still pretty cold in the low to mid 40s but fishing both fishing from shore and jigging from boats have proven to be very successful.

We would like to thank all of you that practice catch and release on some of these fish this time of year.  It is no secret that this time of year produces a lot of females that are full of eggs and ready to spawn.  These are the same fish that provide us with a lake full of walleye and northern pike in the near future.  We would like to remind everyone of that and we want to encourage everyone to practice common sense catch and release.

This is some of the earliest spring fishing we have ever had on Devils Lake.  The weather has been beautiful so far and with this much sunshine we are bound to experience some warmer water temps right around the corner.  If you are interested in getting a jump on everyone and want to sneak in an April trip, we are ready to take you fishing and would love to have you!

Fishing report courtesy of Zippy Dahl and Mitchell’s Guide Service

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