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Fishing successful for most anglers

Hello Everyone…..I would like to apologize for the lack of fishing reports on the website. Ed’s Bait Shop is now under NEW OWNERSHIP and I would like to welcome everyone to the lake region and to our new business. We offer a FULL stock of bait and tackle along with added premium gas and diesel. Stop in and check us out so we can point you to the right direction on your next fishing trip!!!!

Ok lets talk fishing…..Which I am sure everyone wants to know what’s going on! Fishing has been pretty good over the past month since the lake has started to dirty up a little bit. I will talk about the last week or so of fishing for the reports…..Fishing has been successful for most anglers all over the lake. Anglers moving around are having the best luck. Some of the better areas for walleye fishing have been Stromme Addition, Dairy farm, Penny Bay, Haybale bay in East bay….Ft Totten are fishing the humps and deeper rock piles, Doc hagens area, the trees around Grahams Island, Patience point, Howards Bay, the underwater road leading from Grahams to old 281 and various places in Pelican Lake. Ways people are fishing include spinners and bottom bouncers in 12-25 ft. over water, trolling cranks in 12-25ft of water, throwing cranks along weed beds in 5-12 ft. to water, slip bobbering in the trees in 10-15ft of water, and jigging deep water points and rock piles in 18-35 ft. of water. Seems to me people are buying the colors they like best which would be the main ones like fire tiger, perch, hot steel, purple decent, black and sliver,and bleak for the cranks. Gold and or silver have been popular on the spinners. Again I stress anglers who move around the most are having the best of luck.

Shore fishing has been successful using lindy rigs with a leech or crawler in ares which include the bridges on highway 19, along the dike south of the bait shop and the rocky shoreline just west of the airport on highway 19. Early mornings or evenings have been the best from shore.

Again I want to apologize for the lack of reports. Things have been pretty crazy around here!!! Please stop in and check us out to see what we can help you with. Good luck and good fishing!

Courtesy of Ed’s Bait Shop

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