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Fishing Report for December 26, 2013

Ice fishing on Devils Lake continues to be excellent.  Anglers are reporting some of the early hot perch spots getting a bit tougher due to pressure, but those anglers moving around a little bit are finding active schools and doing quite well with good numbers of perch in the 12”-14” range.  Ice conditions have improved with most anglers driving in all areas of the lake.  We do urge caution around pressure ridges and moving water bridge areas.  Anglers are reporting fish being caught in most all areas of the lake.  From west to east some of the better spots have been:  The Mauvee bridge area for both walleyes and some perch.  In the Flats the smaller bays such as Oswalds Bay, Howards Bay, and Hog Bay for both perch and walleyes.  The north end of Six Mile Bay including the sunken road, the area just south of the sunken road, and the Pepsi sign area for perch and walleyes.  Bud Bay and Doc Hagens for walleyes and some perch.  On the Main Bay, the area from the Towers to the Dome house, Rocky Point to Military Point, and the Casino area for perch and some walleyes.  Concrete Bay and the Ft. Totten area for walleyes and some perch.  Mission Bay around the bridges, the sunken railroad bed, and gravel pits for walleyes.  In East Bay, the Stromme Addition, Storm Sewer area, and Foughty’s Point for walleyes and some perch.  Haybale Bay for perch and walleyes.  The Woods Rutten area for perch and some walleyes.  The south end of Black Tiger and Dead Cow Bay along with the sunken park road have also been good for perch and walleyes.  In East Devils Lake, Jerusalem Bay and the outlet area have been good for both perch and walleyes.  In all areas the walleye bite has been best in the early morning and evening hours.  Most fish being caught are more of the eater 14”-20” size, but some larger fish and lots of smaller fish are also being caught.  Look for rocky areas such as sunken roads or points.  For walleyes try working lures such as sonars, salmo’s, and lindy darters; spoons such as kastmasters, buckshot rattlespoons, and lindy rattling flyers tipped with minnows or minnow heads; or just a plain hook or a jig with a minnow and slip bobber.  For perch the bite is best in the morning to noon hours, but fish can be found and caught all day.  Try using ice jigs such as fat boys, genz worms, hali’s, rocker minnows, frostee spoons, smaller kastmasters, buckshot rattle spoons, lindy ice jigs, ratso’s, ratfinky’s, and other smaller jigs tipped with wax worms, minnow, or minnow heads.  Keep in mind that those being more mobile and moving around if they’re not catching fish are having the best success at finding schools of active perch.  Good Luck and we hope you have some excellent holiday fishing here on Devils Lake.

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