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Fishing remains very good on Devils Lake!

Fishing remains very good on Devils Lake! Many of the same presentations and depths are the same as they were midsummer. We are catching fish along weed-lines, rock piles, timber, and flooded roads. It seems like they move a bit from day to day, but they are usually within pretty close vicinity of the structure I mentioned above. One day they might be hugging the weeds in 10-11 feet, and the next they might be out a bit deeper (13-25 feet). Jigs tipped with a third to a half crawler have been very good. Leeches are catching fish as well. We will often anchor up and vertical jig. When we do this we always set up with bobbers, there are days when they catch the majority of the fish. Fish are also being caught with live bait rigs like: bouncers and spinners and lindy-rigs. Summer is starting to wind down and fall is just around the corner. We would be more than happy to get you out on the water for some excellent late summer/early fall fishing. Good luck to all!!

Courtesy of Bry’s Guide Service

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