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fishing remains fair with few reports from time to time.

Hello, snow continues to make fishing difficult this year. Sled traffic or anything with tracks please! Best for everyones safety. As for fishing, it remains fair with few reports from time to time. In front of the casino has been decent for walleyes and perch. Get in the 18-22 FOW along the ridge line and move around. Perch are also being reported out deeper of swanson’s point in front of the casino….34-44 FOW…difficult bite but has been decent some days. Doc hagens remains fair in 12-22 FOW for mix of walleyes and perch. Ft. Totten area reamins good but use extreme caution  because of all the water and slush. Fish the humps and bird island down in Ft. Totten. Other walleye spots are the towers, Walfords bay, Miltary Point, Rocky point and Stromme addition. Find structure anywhere from 8-22 FOW. Perch areas are south end of black tiger, in front of the dome  house, casino area, mouth of creel, and in front of the country club. 34-50 FOW depending on which area you fish. Buckshots, macho minnows, Lindy darters, and the new live forage baits from northland have been the best tipped with minnow heads, wax worms, or spikes. Pike fishing remains fair north end of Walfords and north end of Six Mile Bay. Reports from the West end of the lake have been very few and not very posative. Big Ice fishing tourney next weekend, stop in and get everything you need for your day on the lake! We have the LARGEST selection of tackle in the lake region…we can help you out with everything you need. Good fishing and good luck!

Courtesy of Ed’s Bait Shop

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