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Fishing on Devils Lake is still very good

Fishing on Devils Lake is still very good, although some of the methods and presentations have started to change into the typical mid summer patterns. We are finding more walleyes in the 8 to 12 foot range this past week and we have been spending a lot of time trolling bottom bouncers with either spinners or Lindy rigs tipped with night crawlers. We are also still catching a lot of walleyes slip bobbering with leeches but have been concentrating more on the flooded timber as of late. Ptiching crank baits is still happenning but the weeds have really grown in the shallow water, infact in a lot of places the weeds in 6 to 7 feet of water the weeds are now too thick. Again, our methods have changed a little. We are now keeping our boat in that 10 foot range and pitching crank baits that dive deeper. The Rapala Shad Rap number 7’s and the jointed Shad Raps number 5’s are excellent choices. Of course we are still doing this along the windswept weedbeds.

The numbers of walleyes we are catching are just incredible! We are catching a ton of them in that 14 to 15 inch range which are the perfect eating size fish but we also pop an occasional 20 plus incher that makes the braggen board on any bait shop’s wall.

The northern pike fishing has slowed quite a bit. We have a hunch that the 76 degree water temperatures have pushed them into deeper and cooler water. The white bass fishing is still a slam dunk. Pitching crank baits in shallow water is still the ticket as long as we can find areas that are weed free.

We have been trolling some crank baits as well, mainly on flooded roads and along the highway rip rap and have had some success but we need the wind and the walleye chop to make it happen.

Mitchell’s Guide Service is enjoying one of our best summers on Devils Lake. We are busy every day discovering new patterns and finding new fish. Some of our new guides have brought us some new tactics and strategies and we are all having a lot of fun teaching our customers and helping them catch a ton of fish. Our schedule seems to fill as we go so if you are planning a trip please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We will do our best to find a time that works and as always we would love to take your party fishing!

Good Luck Fishing this week!

Courtesy of Mitchell’s Guide Service

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