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Fishing on Devils Lake has been very good this past week despite some cooler than normal temperatures

Fishing on Devils Lake has been very good this past week despite some cooler than normal temperatures. Another cold, turbulent week has returned surface water temperatures to the mid 60’s. With all of the cool weather, it feels more like early June than early August, if you’re into fishing like we are, this is probably more good than bad as the cool water temperatures have helped to extend the active bite in the 10 to 15 foot range. The walleye fishing has really picked up on the humps and bars on the main lake and in the flats and there are we are still catching plenty of fish on the edges of the weed lines and in the flooded timber.

It is still pretty much pick your poison as to all the methods we are using to catch fish. Some of our guides are doing really well slip bobbering and jigging, some are doing very well using bottom bouncers with spinners and lindy rigs, and some of our guides are doing very well trolling crankbaits. We are still catching plenty of big walleyes 17 to 24 inchers and a lot of eaters in that 14 to 16 inch range. You cannot beat the action as far as the numbers of walleyes we catch and release in a day. It is just unreal to think of how many fish this lake must have in it not to mention the number of different size classes that we catch through out the day. Our future walleye fishing on Devils Lake could not look brighter!

Not a whole lot has changed since the last report. We are still bringing our lunch box to work everyday and having a great time helping our customers experience world class walleye fishing on Devils Lake. We have enjoyed a great summer so far and it is by no means over with. There is still plenty of good fishing ahead and it is still a great time for you to gather up your family, friends, co-workers, who ever you can find and book a fishing adventure with Mitchell’s Guide Service. It will be the highlight of your summer.

Good Luck Fishing this week!

Courtesy of Mitchell’s Guide Service

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