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Fishing Good to Excellent!

Sorry to all of you for my lack of keeping everyone in the loop on the fishing front. I will do my best to be a little more current. Well….Here we go! Fishing has been good to excellent for the most part with about 7 days being fair since my last report. We have been taking clients all over the lake finding the active schools of perch has been a bit of a challenge but when we do find them the hungry jumbo’s sure fill a 5 gallon bucket fast. The same depths of 20-50ft has worked well and somedays the fish are active and other days we need to finesse them by using a vertical presentation of a Hali tipped with a waxie and slowing down the action to a standstill. Understanding what they want and how they want it either vertical or a horizontal presentation is critical to your success. We have a 200,000 acre lake and people need to understand that we are trying to fish it thru a 8″ hole. Which leaves me a question to ask all of you… Hire a guide or not? We are on the lake every day and we have the knowledge to find them what they are biting on and what we are doing to get the lookers into tablefare!! I will post daily reports of FB so friend me so you can see what we are catching each day. As far as ice thickness it is all of 40″ and an extentsion is needed. I will be assessing the conditions daily as our weather warms the conditions change and by the 25th of March I will make a decision for the 1st week in Aprils guiding schedule. I do have a few days open during the week to take a group out but all weekends are full. If you would like to discuss ice fishing or getting ready to plan a summer vacation, I would be happy to discuss what we have to offer. Till Next Time…Tight Lines! John

Courtesy of Big John’s Guide Service

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