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Fishing Buddy: Devils Lake Ideal For Fall Cast and Blast

There are several memorable days that stand out for me over the years as a fishing and hunting guide on Devils Lake but I will never forget the first time I heard the phrase “cast and blast” to describe fishing and hunting opportunities taking place in the same day. About ten years ago, I filmed a fishing show with the late Tony Dean and the plan was for him to hunt snow geese in the morning and fish with myself in the afternoon. I don’t remember the number of snow geese the hunters harvested that morning but it was a good day and I remember thinking that I had some big shoes to fill that afternoon out on the lake. After filming for about three hours, we caught approximately twenty walleyes… the largest weighing over nine pounds and the smallest larger than four pounds. All of the fish were released and as we started back for the resort, Tony shook his head and told me there is no other place on earth where you can “cast and blast” like this. I never forgot that….

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