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Fish are hungry and feeding to get ready for winter!

Hello fisher people and deer hunters. Lets talk a little about fishing in November and deer hunting. The fishing side of things not a lot of people are making out because of the cooler weather and of course Deer hunting season going on. If you do happen to make it out on the lake, bridge fishing is usually pretty good this time of year. Jig and a minnow of course are working the best right now. Mornings and evenings are the best if you can handle the cold, but as well as during the day as well you can pick up some nice fish. Fish are hungry and feeding to get ready for winter. So give it a try, 57 bridge, 6 mile bridge, 20 bridge and mauvis coolee are good chioces. You can also try the deeper points in rock piles…Lost Jig, Bird Island, Rocky and Military Point, 5 crows, the towers are some good spots.

Courtesy Ed’s Bait Shop

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