15 2015 »

Fish Are Cooperating!!

We have had some excellent perch,pike,and walleye bites this past week!

Seems like we are constantly moving and working depths from 6-50 ft, but we are putting smiles on our clients faces!
Weather is finally warming up which is so needed! We will continue to search all the holes we can think of and even try a few random places here and there cause you never know where the next bite will produce….
What we know…perch bites are up and down but if you are willing to move and work a bit, positive results are happening. Walleyes are best early and from 3pm to dark. Seems like areas are changing constantly, one night hot and the next just so so.
Pike are all over and water clarity is great. Sight fishing, tip ups, and spearing had been full of excitement!
Clients are really liking our new lodge The Fish Rehab!! Check it out at www.brysguideservice.com
There are videos and pictures, it is beautiful!

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