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Fish are biting!!!

Fish are biting!!! Now is the time to get out on Devils Lake and experience the shallow water bite! Find cattails and rocks with the warmest water and get ready. Seems like the bite is best during the mid-day hours, after the sun has had some time to heat up the water a few degrees. Also, the night bite has been fantastic. The best time to fish is probably towards the late evening and even after dark. It is important to mix retrieves and use pauses and jerks to entice bites. You will have many fish hit right at the boat. The best baits include: jigs and plastics, shadraps, countdowns and live bait rigs like lindy-rigs tipped with a leech or minnow and slip-bobbers tipped with the same. Remember catch and release on the bigger fish. It is common to catch walleyes between 20 and 25 inches and bigger this time of year; remember, they are our future and to put them back! Good Luck and keep your lines tight!!

Courtesy: Bry’s Guide Service

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