22 2015 »

Find the Flurry!

The bite has been hit and miss. Seems like there are days that they will go and there are days they just look at your lure. Somewhat tricky to predict what causes aggressive fish one day and negative fish the next.

We are constantly looking for the next flurry…Whether it be perch, walleye, or pike, our augers are getting quite the workouts.

Bites seem to vary a quite a bit as well. We have caught fish as shallow as 6 and as deep as 40. Seems like the walleye action is best in the 8-24 ft range  in the morning and afternoon and the perch action is best in 14-36 ft.

As far as lures go…buckshots, halis, tungsten jigs, forage minnows, and dropper rigs have all produced. More importantly than the lure is location, so cover water and find that active school!

Weather has been very pleasant! It is nice  to be able to fish outside in January and hole hop if you want!

Good luck to all!!


Courtesy of Bry’s Guide Service

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