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February 6th!

Good Morning Anglers!

Today is going to be another warm day but we are also going to see some high winds. Sunday will produce snow and high winds (40+mph). Ice is holding steady at 16+ inches in most areas. We are finding ice at 20 inches in areas outside of creel bay on the main part of the lake. There have been reports of many cracks and small ridges in 6 mile bay. With this storm coming we are watching the pressure fall. Look for fish to be slightly more aggressive during this time. Buckshots, jigging raps, and tungstens have been the preferred presentations being used to target both walleyes and perch. Gold and any glow UV have been the colors of choice as of late. Minnow heads and wax worms are being used to tip.

Do not be afraid to change presentations a few times throughout the day if you cannot get the fish to cooperate. When targeting either perch or walleyes, it is not uncommon to drill over 100 holes in a certain area within a day. When drilling holes at this capacity, try locating different structure types and depths to dial in the bite. Look for rock piles, old treelines/shorelines, mud flats, and contour points.

Be Safe! Stay Warm! Have Fun!


Courtesy of Woodland Resort


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