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February 5th Report!

Devils Lake has been producing some fish! The weather has turned a little bit cooler since last week but the fishing has stayed steady. Last weekend was the 31st Annual Volunteer Fire Department Ice Fishing Tournament and it was a huge success. There were plenty of fish caught during the 2.5 hours the tournament was held, and the biggest fish was a whopping 7.5 pound walleye!


Perch fishing has remained steady. The same stays true as the report last week goes, the perch have been more active on the sunny days than the cloudy days. If you are willing to drill lots of holes and move around a bit you can get into some good schools of perch. It seems like you can sit at one hole and pull 4 or 5 fish out of that spot and then have to move on to another spot to catch 4 or 5 more. The depths have been pretty variable. Anywhere between 17-45 feet of water has been where we are finding perch.


The walleye and pike bite is still steady too. Fishing transition points anywhere from 10-25 feet of water has been the ticket with the early morning and early evening walleye bites. Go shallow along shorelines for pike and you will have a fun time! There have also been some recent reports of some nice pike being caught and speared.


Check out our local bait shops for some more information on what tackle and bait has been working the best. They are great at providing fisherman with good information to help them get on fish. Good luck to all the anglers this coming weekend!

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