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February 4, 2014

The fishing in the past 4 days has been good to great. Stable conditions sure has made a difference on the amount of fish being brought in to the cleaning stations. Prior to that the fish were there but alot of lookers and a few takers did make it tough, not impossible just tough. Sitting on a spot and being patient was the key for putting perch in the bucket. The walleyes seemed not as picky or finicky and the pike would bite no matter what!!! The hot baits have still been the grubbies with a whole minnow and the “UV” pink pattern with a minnow head has been a great fish catching bait. I have made a huge decision to run OTTER houses this past week. I was able to purchase the 650 lodge and the 1200 XT lodge. They are very easy to put up and hold in the heat on the windy and cold days. My calander has been filling fast, all weekends are full through March, but have some days during the week available. Till Next Time…Tight lines John

Courtesy of  Big John’s Guide Service

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