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February 23rd

The fishing this last week has been good. Perch have been found in a wide variety of depths and locations. Look for perch to be out in mud flats cruising around; the key to staying on these perch is to drill a lot of holes and keep hopping around to stay on top of the school. A lot of perch have been found in 14-20 feet of water.

The walleye fishing has been good as well. Look for those shallower structure points early in the morning and evening time. Don’t be afraid to push out from the shallows as the sun starts to get higher in the sky. It seems that small rattling spoons have been the key to attracting the fish. If you are having trouble getting the fish to finish, drop down a small tungsten jig tipped with a waxworm. This tactic seemed to pay off well the last few days. It’s like a 1-2 punch; call them in with a rattle spoon and seal the deal with a tungsten jig.

The extended forecast looks like it could be a little on the warm side, make sure to keep an eye out for changing ice conditions as we get into March and start warming up a bit! Where we sit today we have around 18-20 inches of ice in most areas.  Make sure to use caution when venturing out as there are some spots that have less ice and good luck to everyone fishing!

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