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February 1st!

Hello Everyone!

Another month of the ice season has passed. We have been experiencing some warm weather as of late causing most of the snow on the lake to melt. In Creel bay and most other main portions of the lake we are seeing ice around 16 inches on average, however we have found areas down to as low as 6 inches. One area that should be avoided is in front of the country club in Creel Bay. Our ice crew guys found thin ice around that area. Shorelines throughout the lake are starting to thin a little as well. In front of the retreat center (Creel Bay) we have found around 10 inches. Lake Irvine and the other north lakes have large amounts of slush covering the ice. Slush pockets have been reported as deep as 2 feet.

Walleyes have been targeted in the 15-25 foot zone lately. Buckshots, Puppet minnow/Jigging raps, and small tungsten jigs presentations have had the most success. Tipping your lures with a minnow head or wax worm seems to work best.

Perch are being found 18-30 feet of water in parts of the lake. Perch have been reported as being caught up to 45 feet deep as well. Buckshots, Hali’s, and small tungsten jigs are the favorite option when targeting perch. Minnow heads, wax worms, and spikes are all being used to tip lures.

Northern Pike are still being caught in shallower water. Don’t be surprised to pick one up 20-30 feet deep. Pike can be caught on big aggressive presentations as well as smaller set ups. Success with Tip-ups are coming from using smelt or full minnows on larger treble hooks, single hooks, or some type of predator rig with spinners. Jigging Raps or “Live Targets” can be used to create some noise in these shallow waters to attract pike.

Everyday is different out here on the lake. Don’t be afraid to drills holes and change presentation when the fishing gets tough. Making the right adjustments can be the difference between slow day and a wild day.

Be Safe! Have Fun!


Courtesy of Woodland Resort


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