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February 19th Report!

Devils Lake Walleyes

The fishing here on Devils Lake has remained steady despite these cold snaps that we have been getting lately. Being mobile and drilling a lot of holes has been the name of the game most of the year and still has been this last week.

Perch are not in as big of schools as they have been found in the past. We seem to be finding smaller schools but are still catching them. There really hasn’t been a particular depth that has produced the most fish. Perch have been caught in as shallow as 10 feet and also as deep as 45 feet. Don’t be afraid to go off on your own path and try something different than everyone else, you never know where you may find them! Small buckshots and tungsten jigs tipped with either a minnow head or wax worms have been working the best.

Walleyes are being found in the usual transition/structure spots. Depths for walleye have ranged from 15-30 feet and seem to be biting the best the first couple of hours at sunrise and last couple of hours before dark. Orange and pink jigs have been the go to colors this season up here. The pike are still going great and many people are having great success in the shallows for them.

We did get some snow over the last weekend but travel on the ice has still been very accessible. Don’t forget to bring your extensions for your augers this weekend as there are reports of the ice reaching upwards of 36 inches in some spots this last week. Good luck to everyone this weekend!

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